Are Florida doctors prepared to treat patients with medical marijuana? 
Tampa Bay Times, Published Oct. 8, 2017, A1

Some patients are finding themselves in the unsettling position of being in the examining room with physicians who seem tentative, unable to speak with much authority about medical marijuana.

Whatever happened to the Zika epidemic?
Tampa Bay Times, Published Sept. 25, 2017, A1

It’s been quiet on the outbreak front since July, as Zika cases have dropped dramatically this year.

For many, rising premiums for Part B Medicare will erase Social Security gains
Tampa Bay Times, Published Oct. 13, 2017, A1

More than 2.4 million seniors in Florida rely on Medicare, and a good chunk of them could face rising health care premiums next year.

Charitable arm looks to separate from Bayfront Health. Could a sale of the hospital be next? 
Tampa Bay Times, Published Sept. 1, 2017, A1

The charitable organization that owns a 20 percent stake in Bayfront Health is pushing for city approval to separate from the downtown hospital.