The Blood Rule and a Flood of Controversy
Heels Down Magazine, Published in May 2017  issue

The laws related to blood on a horse may vary between show jumping, dressage, eventing and hunter disciplines, but the the intention is the same: to safeguard the welfare of the horse.

At What Cost: The Challenges Ahead For Safety In Eventing
Heels Down Magazine, Published in December 2016 issue

Safety in the sport of eventing, especially during the cross country phase, has been a controversial issue for years. It’s a heated topic that circulates amongst those in the industry after every rotational fall or death. And the sport is under stricter scrutiny for its safety practices now more than ever.

A Big Heart For The Smallest Horse
Heels Down Magazine, Published in March 2017 issue

When Josh Dolan first saw two emancipated-looking miniature horses in a field on the way to a horse show in Kentucky back in 2014, he couldn’t stop thinking about them.